I have a job as the E-Resources Cataloger at Davis Library at UNC Chapel Hill. It’s not a permanent job yet, but I will apply for it as a permanent position when it comes up.

So, I have more things to say and share that might actually be useful to someone (instead of mainly abstract theoretical stuff that takes a really long time to think out and write). So, maybe I will update this blog more often.

Maybe. 🙂

let’s try this again.

This is what, like, my fourth attempt to keep a LIS/academic blog?

It seems that I get so busy doing work that I never want to write about the work I’m doing. Previously, writing a post for a blog of this nature has taken forever and I have ended up deciding that maintaining the thing is not worth the time and angst. Why is it so difficult? My natural inclination is to sit on my ideas, especially in writing-to-be-shared, until I’m sure I have it all just right. Grad school hasn’t yet succeeded in completely beating the perfectionism out of me. But perfectionism is a liability in this line of work, and I’m continually working to let more of it go.

So in the interest of getting more comfortable with sharing ideas that seem (to me at least) to be unfinished and halfbaked, I hereby resurrect the infomusings blog.

We’ll see…