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O’Hara, Kieron, Richard Morris, Nigel R. Shadbolt, Graham J. Hitch, Wendy Hall, and Neil Beagrie. 2006. “Memories for life: a review of the science and technology.” Interface: Journal of the Royal Society 3, no. 8: 351-65.

Abstract: This paper discusses scientific, social and technological aspects of memory. Recent developments in our understanding of memory processes and mechanisms, and their digital implementation, have placed the encoding, storage, management and retrieval of information at the forefront of several fields of research. At the same time, the divisions between the biological, physical and the digital worlds seem to be dissolving. Hence, opportunities for interdisciplinary research into memory are being created, between the life sciences, social sciences and physical sciences. Such research may benefit from immediate application into information management technology as a testbed. The paper describes one initiative, memories for life, as a potential common problem space for the various interested disciplines.