continuing my obsession with indexes

I wish each entry of a bibliography in any book or paper contained the page number(s) on which said entry was referenced or cited.

I seriously love books that have indexes of cited authors (footnotebegin) though you then have to look for the specific paper by that author (footnoteend) or include this information in the general index.

Sections of notes at the back of the book are somewhat more useful in this sense than a bibliography, but so difficult to quickly skim.

I started this entry because my curiosity was killing me:
What part of Radar Handbook by Merrill I. Skolnik cites “A Mother Goose for Antique Collectors by Alice van Leer Carrick?

But then I realized I had just been the victim of a Google Books mistake. The front cover, back cover, and two pages of Notes from Hobbies: Leisure and the Culture of Work in America by Steven M. Gelber are tacked onto the end of the book scan of Radar Handbook.

I’m currently reading Hobbies: Leisure and the Culture of Work in America, which is where I saw the Mother Goose thing cited. So this really doesn’t get me anywhere.

Anyway, I’m absolutely loving this book and I want to scribble notes in it everywhere, so I’m ordering my own copy. Yes.