we don’t need no rule of three.

=245 10$aCrackBerry$h[electronic resource] :$bTrue Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse /$cby Kevin Michaluk, Martin Trautschold, Gary Mazo ; edited by James Markham, Clay Andres, Steve Anglin, Mark Beckner, Ewan Buckingham, Gary Cornell, Jonathan Gennick, Jonathan Hassell, Michelle Lowman, Matthew Moodie, Duncan Parkes, Jeffrey Pepper, Frank Pohlmann, Douglas Pundick, Ben Renow-Clarke, Dominic Shakeshaft, Matt Wade, Tom Welsh, Laurin Becker, Patrick Meador.

Ah, records from Springer.

Seriously, though. Was each editor so distracted by their BlackBerry that they needed that many editors?

(And yes, there is an (uncontrolled) 700 for each of them…)