categories #3: crowds

From The crowd : a study of the popular mind, by Gustave Le Bon. Originally published 1895. Republished by Dover in 2002:

“A few typical and distinct categories of crowds” are listed beyond this classification:

  • Criminal crowds
  • Criminal juries
  • Electoral crowds
  • Parliamentary assemblies

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  1. Just want to say “hi” from Manchester, UK.

    Any connection to information seeking behavior with these differentiation of groups?

    Everytime I am listening to The Cure I go back to that cateloging powerpoint slide of the Cure you made in class. You are probably the first instructor to use them as an example in a powerpoint slide.

    I was just listening to The Cure on Myspace and all their songs seem to be live recordings. Amazing I tell you. They are absolutely a flawless band.

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