the revenge of Mrs. Bridges

via Catalogue & Index:

I picked up from John Attig’s blog (thanks!) the following outcome of the JSC meeting on 17th March, in the context of the development of RDA:

“The scope of Person will be extended to include fictitious persons. As a result of this, works that purport to be created by fictitious persons such as Miss Piggy will be treated as creators of those works.”

Vaguely relatedly, I was reading Trouble with Tom: The Strange Afterlife & Times of Thomas Paine by Paul Collins recently. Fascinating book. Anyway, Collins comments on the fact that LC cataloged a book purportedly written by Paine after death under Paine, Thomas (Spirit). And then he goes on to discuss TomS vs. TomC (Tom, corporeal). (this is on pp. 82-3 of the advance reading copy I happened to get my paws on.)

File under more ways to amuse my cataloging students… and to make their heads reel from exposure to catalogers’ logic.

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