dear publishers: {U}r {D}oin {I}t {W}rong

Would you please stop outputting BibTeX entries from your databases with curly brackets around the first letter of all title words? Um, capitalization of title words is for my citation style to decide.


4 thoughts on “dear publishers: {U}r {D}oin {I}t {W}rong”

  1. It is amazing how wrong publishers get citation exports. I was just working from Web of Science the other day, and everything was in all caps. Yeah, that will look good in a formatted bibliography. What is more frustrating is that in ANY programming language downcasing and nice formatting is trivial. I suppose that when you own the content, you have no motivation for actually doing anything right.

    Oh, and about curly brackets…Why does Google Scholar insert a second set around the entire title in their bibtex exports? Annoying.

  2. A standard? That’s crazy talk!

    The citation mess is so sad. But then again, we haven’t had very long to get our heads around the issues of bibliographic citations in order to solve the problems…

    oh wait.

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