authority control FAIL

The things I find in the catalog…

authority control FAIL

authority control FAIL

Like a good librarian, I did send a note for a correction…

Regarding the following record:

245 00 Reparations, the cure for America’s race problem :|ba collaborative effort in reparations advocacy by the founding members of C.U.R.E. /|cIda Hakim … [et al.].

This record has an added entry for:

710 2 Cure (Musical group)

I don’t know what C.U.R.E. in the context of America’s race problem is, but it isn’t an English rock band. 🙂


7 thoughts on “authority control FAIL”

    1. Apparently this is the only reference to C.U.R.E. in the entire UNC libraries catalog system.

      (erm… google
      CURE reparations
      and the top results are fairly good…
      Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation)

    1. Yup. Was it not obvious that I’m a full on huge Cure devotee? :-p

      I got the album when it came out and I think it is brilliant—a return to form. I doubt they’ll every top Disintegration (R.S. is a bit old to do that many drugs any more), but 4:13 Dream is the first new album they’ve put out since Wish that I haven’t cringed at at some point during my first listen.

      And yeah, Underneath the Stars is amazing. Great live, too. Now I want to make a playlist of the first song on each Cure album. Their album openers are great, and Underneath the Stars is up at the level of Plainsong, Want, The Kiss, or One Hundred Years for me.

      </end nerdery=”cure”>

      Did you see there’s a Stars of the Lid film? I forget where I saw it but I saw the trailer on some site and it was nifty.

  1. wow i didn’t know there was a STOL film. If you like to make CURE requests or any other songs on my radio show, I will be happy to do play them. My show is from Sat (tonight) 9 PM to 12 AM on 89.3 WXYC Chapel Hill.

    Plainsong is my all-time favorite introduction song. Last time I saw the Cure was at the Curiosa festival back in 2003 and he opened with Plainsong. It was the best intro song to a set I have ever heard. It is just plain genius.

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