i knew there was a way my interests and expertise could get me back to Paris.

France! The best place in the world to study PIM?

You quickly learn to never, ever, ever, throw away even the tiniest, most insignificant piece of paper or receipt in France because invariably, six years later, someone will ask you to produce it. So it’s imperative to save each and every scrap of paper and because of that, soon you’ll find you’ve accumulated your very own stack or dossiers.

So all those little bits of paper need to be sorted and classified. … Imagine a country of 64,000,00 people who have lived here ten times longer than I haveā€”and that’s adds up to a heckuva lot of classeurs, folks.

–from David Lebovitz’ yummy blog

Add to to-do list: start studying your French again.

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