best new/changed lcsh of the week (16 april 2008)

(C)150 Grassroots comic books, strips, etc. [May Subd Geog] [sp2008020216]
680 Here are entered works on comics made by local community activists and other
non-professional artists that are intended to communicate a message and/or to encourage
debate on an issue.
450UF Grass root comic books, strips, etc.
450UF Grass roots comic books, strips, etc.
450UF Grassroot comic books, strips, etc.
550BT Comic books, strips, etc.

(C)150 Heart valve prosthesis-Fluid dynamics [sp2005003051]
550BT Fluid dynamics

curse, curse, curse the stupid black eyed peas that what first came to mind was fergie, not camels. or alanis morissette
(A)150 Humps (Anatomy) [May Subd Geog] [sp2008002242]
550BT Anatomy

155 Juvenile delinquency television programs [Not Subd Geog] [sp2007025296]
555BT Teen television programs
555BT Television crime shows

(C)151 Knapsack Pass (Wash.) [sp2008020219]
550BT Mountain passes-Washington (State)

151 Pella of the Decapolis (Extinct city) [sp 93003551]
* 451UF Pella Decapolitana (Extinct city)

(C)151 Surprise Gap (Wash.) [sp2008020221]
451UF Surprise Pass (Wash.)
550BT Mountain passes-Washington (State)

(C)150 Technomyrmex [May Subd Geog] [sp2008002181]
053 QL568.F7 (Zoology)
550BT Ants

cute little vesper bat face
150 Vespertilionidae [May Subd Geog] [sp 85142941]
* 450UF Evening bats
* 450UF Vesper bats

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