best new/changed lcsh of the week: 9 april 2008

UF Curry, Arthur

(C) 150 Aquaman (Fictitious character) [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008001579]
450 UF Arthur Curry (Fictitious character)
450 UF Curry, Arthur (Fictitious character)
450 UF Orin (Fictitious character)

(C) 150 Clichés in literature [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008001588]

150 Dingo [May Subd Geog] [sp 85038069]
* 450 UF Canis dingo
* 450 UF Canis familiaris dingo
* 450 UF Canis lupus dingo
* 550 BT Gray wolf

(Again with the great Washington State geographic names…)
(C) 151 Doubtful Lake (Wash.) [sp2008020201]
550 BT Lakes—Washington (State)

150 Fountain pens in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008002318]

(C) 150 Lizards in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008020208]

(C) 150 Melodrama, Japanese [May Subd Geog] [sp2008001992]
450 UF Japanese melodrama
550 BT Japanese drama

150 Metallurgy in rabbinical literature [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008002213]

150 Mothra films

150 Mothra films [May Subd Geog] [sp2008002212]
053 PN1995.9.M64
680 When subdivided by the appropriate geographic, topical, and/or form subdivisions, this
heading is used for works about Mothra films.
550 BT Monster films

(C) 151 Paradise Park (Wash.) [sp2008020180]
451 UF Paradise Meadows (Wash.)
550 BT Mountain meadows—Washington (State)

(C) 150 Rebirth in Western Paradise (Buddhism) in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2008020192]

(Eep! One of my examples in my cataloging final project has just become obsolete…)
150 Scrapbooking [May Subd Geog] [sp2008002216]
450 UF Scrap booking
450 UF Scrapping (Scrapbooking)
550 BT Hobbies

this is known as "The Waffle House Face"
(C) 150 Silver-haired bat [May Subd Geog] [sp2006003641]
053 QL737.C595 (Zoology)
450 UF Lasionycteris noctivagans
450 UF Lasionycteris pulverlentus
550 BT Lasionycteris

(Cookery! Everyone’s favorite subject heading to hate. This recently got its own classification number, too, as I noted here)
(A) 150 Sous-vide cookery [May Subd Geog] [sp2008002221]
053 TX690.7
450 UF Cryovacking (Cookery)
450 UF Under-vacuum cookery
550 BT Cookery

150 Wolfdogs [May Subd Geog] [sp 85147222]
* 450 UF Wolf-dog hybrids
* 450 UF Wolf hybrids
* 550 BT Gray wolf
* 550 BT Wolves CANCEL

And, Simon found an honorable mention not recently changed:
150 Lord’s Supper–Reservation (May Subd Geog) [R S D]
(Yes, the scope note told me what it actually means…you learn something new every five minutes in subject analysis.)

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