serious research.

phrase frequency on
(as per Google)

i are not          2
i is not           3
i not              2
ir not / i r not   6
im not / i m not   1

I sense I am forgetting some important construction…

Works consulted
Linguistic Mystic — im in mai blog, postin’ bout cats: The Cuteness of Grammatical errors

Anil Dash — Cats Can Has Grammar

LOL-Kitteh as a Second Language (LKSL-101) in Five Easy Steps

Language Log — Kitty Pidgin and asymmetrical tail-wags

4 thoughts on “serious research.”

  1. perhaps i’z or iz, which are substituted for i’m or i…although also for “is,” “it’s,” and “it is,” so that may mess with your results a little.

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