Local people!

It has come to my attention that not everyone knows the joys of LOCOPOPS and their new Chapel Hill location. Inspired by paletas, Locopops serves one thing–POPSICLES!!!

Today I went and had three popsicles in the following flavors:

  • Mexican gazpacho – made with pineapple, jimica, jalapeno, and cucumber. It was rather mildly flavored, except for theheat of the pepper. OK. Not great. Had to try it, though.
  • Lemon basil – OMG to die for. I think I actually moaned out loud when I first tasted it.
  • Blueberry buttermilk – this convinces me that I am simply a fan of any popsicle made with buttermilk. Divine.

Of course they have plenty of other, more “normal” flavors like chocolate and cherry/pomegranate and mojito (lime+mint). They also have chicken or beef pops for your dog. Blech. A partial list of flavors is available at their Wikipedia page, which I suspect they are using in lieu of setting up a real website…

Anyway, there is now, in answer to all my prayers and magic incantations, a location on W. Franklin Street. It is in The Courtyard, next to Penang, across the street from Chapel Hill Tire.

Open 12-9pm.

Small pops $1.25 (including tax)
Large pops $2.25

I no longer have to make runs to the Durham location with an ice-filled cooler, feeling guilty about burning all that gas. Now there are delicious, intriguingly flavored pops between campus and home. Danger…. 🙂

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