early view: new pim article

Towards memory supporting personal information management tools
David Elsweiler, Ian Ruthven, Christopher Jones

In this article, the authors discuss reretrieving personal information objects and relate the task to recovering from lapse(s) in memory. They propose that memory lapses impede users from successfully refinding the information they need. Their hypothesis is that by learning more about memory lapses in noncomputing contexts and about how people cope and recover from these lapses, we can better inform the design of personal information management (PIM) tools and improve the user’s ability to reaccess and reuse objects. They describe a diary study that investigates the everyday memory problems of 25 people from a wide range of backgrounds. Based on the findings, they present a series of principles that they hypothesize will improve the design of PIM tools. This hypothesis is validated by an evaluation of a tool for managing personal photographs, which was designed with respect to the authors’ findings. The evaluation suggests that users’ performance when refinding objects can be improved by building personal information management tools to support characteristics of human memory.


Sounds very interesting.

I’m putting this here so I’ll REMEMBER to grab it when it’s available in .pdf.

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